"We're Taking Territory"

January 28, 2015


 Welcome to our website!

  We believe every woman is a special gift from God.  Our goal is to help restore worth, rebuild hope and re-establish value and  purpose in the lives of women every where. 

  We have determined to wage war against every thing that comes against the home, threaten the family, damage our children and destroy marriage. (covenant breakers). 

Our greatest weapon in this war-fare is the word of God and prayer.  We must also learn to communicate openly and honestly with each other.  God has emowered us to discern and expose all the evil that hindesr us from living a God centered life.

  We don't have to be afraid to confront the forces of darkness.

If there is an issue that affects your home, family, marriage,  finances; your peace of mind;  It's not okay and you should not accept it.   There is hope in the word of God.  

  We would also like to be there for you.  We will help you as you  face the issues that create fear in your life, we know troubles and sorrow are real. 

Whether it be sex, addictions, betrayal, stepchildren, ex-wives, divorce, adultery, teenage pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality, a lack of faith, debt, etc. All these things affect our health and well being as well as the way we relate to each other, to life and to God .   

Tests and trials can destory our relationships and our sanity, but. they don't have to.  We have the power to STOP it!  And we don't have to go through it alone.



Contact us via this website or through e-mail.  We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.     


Daughters and Sons of God, we can take back everything the enemy has taken from us. , "We're taking Territory".